alt.stupidity must invade mars! alt.stupidity must invade mars!

This is no fantasy! This is a satellite photo taken by NASA and can be found at:

Pigs and Wabbits!

The original, unretouched photo. The image in the lower left corner is obviously a Martian pig. But what are those things above it and to its left? (The viewer's right.)

Where are the Fudds?

Through computer enhancement, there is no doubt that the image in the lower left corner is a pig grinning up at us. The area to its left--near its ear--appear to be contain three rock formations of some kind.

Further to its left (our lower right) are three or four objects that appear to be domes.

The object above the pig seems also to be an artifact (and vaguely unsettling), but it's unclear what it is.

Send in the Fudds...

Further computer enhancement shows that there is no doubt that the creature in the lower left corner is a Martain pig--or proto-bacon as some sinetist in alt.stupidity likes to call it.

What appeared to be three rock formations near the left ear of the proto-bacon are obviously bubbles.

The three or five domes are just that, but have a significant pattern that is yet to be determined.

Horrifically, the object above the happy pig might be the Martian version a devil bunny. But this sinetist hasn't read their faq recently.

We Stupidians must invade Mars immediately, save the pig, and render it to bacon for ourselves!

(Possible strategy: Enlist the aid of the Fudds to stop the devil bunny.)