alt.stupidity must invade mars! alt.stupidity must invade mars!

As the heroic little robot explored Mars, it came upon a real live Martian pig! Many sinetific theories were bashed.

(Click on the icons for closeups.)

Martian pig on the rocks. Current theories held that Martian pigs had six legs. But this picture of an approaching pig shows that it uses ballbearing-like wheels to move about! It's difficult to determine the number of wheels it has. (There are at least two, however.)

On the other hand, notice how much the pig in this photo resembles the stone formation in the satellite photo.

Stumbling pig. The proto-bacon discovers our little robot and nearly stumbles in surprize. This reveals that it has at least three wheels.

Inna Pig's Eye! Startled, the Martian pig turns tail and runs off!

It's obvious now that it has four (or more) legs^H^H^H^Hwheels.

And the pig slowly walked away. Once the Martian pig can no longer see our rover, it slowly rolls away.

What the hell is that? What the Hell????